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PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that due to the excessive moisture we are currently experiencing some of our gravel roads have experienced severe deterioration, some to the point of not being passable.
Therefore, we are asking for your cooperation in minimizing the usage of our gravel road system to ensure that we do not lose more roads. Currently the following roads have been closed and we ask that traffic be restricted only to those living in the area and requiring access to their properties:

Roads closed to date due to excessive moisture include:
• Road 2E (aka Riverside Road) – gravel between Roads 29N & 30N has been
destroyed and turned into mud
• Road 29N between Road 2E and Riverside Road South
• Road 9W between PTH 23 to Road 18N
• Road 29N between PR 422 and Road 3W

Our goal is to reshape and apply gravel to these roads when weather and moisture levels will allow.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation

Council of the Rural Municipality of Morris.