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The Rural Municipality of Morris is located approximately 50 kilometers or 30 minutes southwest of Winnipeg. The major routes that go through the R.M. are highways 75 & 23. The communities that make up the municipality are Rosenort, Lowe Farm, Mctavish, Silver Plains, Kane, Aubigny, Sperling, Riverside, and Sewell.

The agriculture industry plays a big role in the success of the municipality. The farmers in the area grow a variety of cereal and specialty crops such as wheat, flax, barley, strawberries, raspberries, and different kinds of vegetables. Other types of agriculture include poultry, beef, dairy, and many hog operations, which make up a large part of Manitoba’s market.

The steel manufacturing industry is also very important to the success of the R.M. of Morris. Approximately 300-400 people within the R.M. are employed in the steel manufacturing industry, which produces products such as grain augers, grain bins and truck boxes. The majority of this manufacturing takes place around the Rosenort area.