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Farmland School Tax Rebate Forms & Website

Manitoba Address Change

This form allows you to change your address with various organizations at the same time, including your property taxes with your Municipality or Town.

Simply select which organizations you would like to change your address with, and fill out the appropriate information required for each organization. You can then submit the form and it will be securely sent to each organization where they will process your change of address.

Please remember to call your Municipality or Town for your new address change to update our system as well.

Application for Structure, Access, Advertising Signs and/or for  Structure, Access, Advertising Signs and/or Tree Planting, within a Controlled Area Adjacent to Provincial Roads

RM of Morris Drainage

RM of Morris Municipal Work Request

Subdivision Application Form

Dust Control Application 

  • 2020 deadline has passed (May 22nd, 2020)

Request To Appear As A Delegation Before Council 

Burial Request Form