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Today the R.M. of Morris is a prosperous, growing agricultural, commercial and industrial community with a population of 3,172 as of 2021. Our communities include Aubigny, Kane, Lowe Farm, McTavish, Riverside, Rosenort, Sewell and Sperling. The current vision of the Rural Municipality of Morris is as follows: The elected leaders and employees of the R.M. envision a future with growing communities and a diverse economic base resulting in more people, more jobs and more housing. This vision reflects a commitment to:

  • providing cost-effective services to our communities
  • promoting growth
  • enhancing the quality of life for all residents.

The R.M. of Morris has been working diligently to provide piped water to all municipal residents interested in the program. This program was completed in fall of 2007, and all residents that wanted this service now have treated water on tap.

The R.M. of Morris looks towards a prosperous future rich in Economic Development and exceptional services for the benefit of our residents. Together with the LUD of Rosenort and the R.M., the Industrial Parks in Rosenort and Lowe Farm. 

The R.M. of Morris is very pleased with our residents on their commitments on fundraising for growth to make their town a better place!