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Message from MMSM – Recyclepedia


New Recyclepedia Mobile App We’re very excited to announce that the Recyclepedia is now available as a mobile app! Similar to the web tool, it’s available in 13 different languages, and helps residents determine what is accepted in their recycling bins and supports reduced contamination. If you haven’t already, add a direct link to the […]

PUBLIC NOTICE: Local Improvement Plan No. 2020-01


Watermain to Rosenort Industrial Park & New/Expansion of Water Reservoir Capacity Notice of Hearing Local Improvement Plan

Council Meeting Minutes


2020 08 11 APPROVED 2020 09 09 DRAFT

From your Emergency Coordinator – Sept 2020


As we jumped into cool fall-like weather in a hurry with many experiencing a power outage, it reminds us this is the time to prepare ourselves for power outages that may come in much colder weather.