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Daily Update:

June 4, 2021

The Pembina Valley Water Cooperative continues to be in a critical high water usage situation and is concerned about the potential increase in agricultural use next week. The situation is being closely monitored. PVWC is very sensitive to continuing to supply quality water to our health care facilities in the Southern Health region.

  • The Letellier water treatment plant saw minimal decrease in flows since the mandatory water reduction has been issued. If a break-down were to occur, the plant would run out of water in 6 hours or less
  • The Morris water treatment plant has now moved into a critical situation as well and requires a mandatory water reduction for the system. Operators are working hard to do additional cleanings and it is not sustainable for production. If a break-down were to occur, the plant would run out of water in 8-10 hours
  • The Stephenfield water treatment plant is running at near maximum capacity
  • The municipalities are working with PVWC to identify additional truck fills and other sources of water to support the agricultural and industrial community

The additional municipalities being added to the Mandatory Water Reduction are as follows:

  • M. of Roland
  • Town of Morris
  • M. of Morris
  • M. of Thompson