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Did you know? As of June 9, 2022:

  • WSP Engineers has been engaged to coordinate the recovery
  • 15.5 miles of municipal road debris have been cleared
  • 2 culvert sites have been completed
  • 11 contractors / 20 machines are engaged in the work, plus Public Works Staff
  • 11 sites are being worked on
  • 175 sites identified; see, select Flood Claims > 2022 > Show All 2022
  • Agriculture sites are currently being prioritized
  • Numerous community members have helped with urgent issues

Contractors may be called away to address a critical site. When this happens, they will return to complete the work when the pressing issue has been resolved. We appreciate your continued patience as the work progresses. To help with flood recovery or to voice an area of concern, contact:

Mike Boissonneault

WSP Engineers