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Exploring the heritage website of the Rural Municipality of Morris is a great way to discover our community’s rich history and culture, and the pride we share in our collection of heritage buildings and sites.

Whether you are a visitor, a historic building owner, or researching your family’s history, you will find on this site the story of the settlement of the RM of Morris, from the first fur trade posts of the early 1800s, to the arrival of the first settlers in 1869, and then to the growth of the RM over the next 150 years.


The A.A. Thiessen House is the best example in the municipality of concrete-block building technology, which was a sort of rage in Manitoba from about 1890 to 1920.


News and Events

We’re looking for Old Photos

If you have old photos of your farm, your business, or interesting scenes from the area, we’d like to talk to you about adding them to our website, to show our visitors what life was like back then.

For example, this one shows threshing at the Peter Falk farm at Lowe Farm around 1910 (Mennonite Heritage Centre collection).








Pivotal Events Project

This booklet will help residents and visitors alike to appreciate the basic contours of our past. Sections on various themes, noting key events, dates and personalities, enrich an exploration of our past, and bring to life our proud heritage that has defined us for well over a century.


Special Places Project

Over the past several years, the RM of Morris has developed a major project focusing on our surviving historic buildings and sites. Called Special Places, the project consisted of a major inventory, which examined 102 local heritage sites; and then an evaluation aspect that identified 15 community sites that have been determined to have great heritage significance to the rural municipality.


Notable People Project

The RM of Morris has recently completed a major project focusing on those pioneers who shaped and affected the history of our various communities.



The projects above and the development of this website were generously supported by the Province of Manitoba.