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Please see below for all messages and notices from Valley Fiber. Most recent posts will be at the top.

Message from Valley Fiber – Rosenort Residents (October 21, 2019)

Attention Rosenort Residents!
Valley Fiber continues to complete installs in Rosenort. If you have not been contacted to have your installation booked, please call our scheduling department at 204 362 5155 to be scheduled!
Thank you!


Valley Fiber & VISP at the Manitoba Stampede (July 18, 2019)

Valley Fiber and VISP (Valley Internet Service Provider) are at the Manitoba Stampede! Valley Fiber is taking signups, answering questions, and has a prize wheel with lots of internet to give away! Sign up and enter to win a 4K HDR TV as well!
VISP will be adding coverage to the RM of Morris and is at the Manitoba Stampede taking signups and answering questions as well. Play plinko and win free internet!


Lowe Farm Drops (July 4, 2019)

Lowe Farm drops are going to be done next Tuesday July 9th, 2019 and likely to be completed next week.
The final deadline to signup is July 8th, 2019.
Please contact Valley Fiber directly to sign up and with any questions you may have. Call 1-800-958-5698 or email .


Valley Fiber Update (June 28, 2019)

We have tried to make people aware of our efforts to enhance the technology available to our residents and businesses and the agreement with Valley Fiber to bring enhanced internet services to the Rural Municipality of Morris.  Construction has started and with construction there will be some remediation work that will be required.  Valley Fiber’s contractor, Dig-All Construction, has been working in the Rosenort/Riverside area.  They have been doing some preliminary remediation and repairs to properties being damaged by their installation process as they move along, however the final remediation will be conducted by our own Public Works Crews.

A part of our agreement with Valley Fiber is that we as a municipality will be responsible for the remediation of the properties after the construction is completed.  Our Public Works Department will be repairing the sites after the construction is completed as we have time and hopefully before the end of this summer season.  We would ask for your patience and understanding during construction.  The technology that will be available to our municipality will be second to none after everything is completed.


Valley Fiber is in Lowe Farm (June 20, 2019)

Valley Fiber is on their way to the community of Lowe Farm. They will be going door-to-door this Friday night (June 21st) with information and the opportunity to sign up for a FREE hookup!
Please note that the deadline to get your home and business on the list is June 28th, 2019. 
If you are out on their way through, they will leave a pamphlet in your door with information on signing up. Please feel free to contact Valley Fiber directly with any questions at 1-800-958-5698 or email .
You can also signup online at .


Update from Valley Fiber (June 11, 2019)

A few things happening in the RM today (June 11, 2019) and in the next few weeks.

Drilling starting in Rosenort today.  We understand there is lots of irrigation in Rosenort.  Can we remind folks that they should locate their irrigation lines to assist the drilling crew.  We obviously want to avoid any hits.
Rosenort – If you have not signed up and want the next generation of internet and all the advantages that come with fiber internet sign up TODAY.
Riverside folks should signup online ASAP – drilling will begin in Riverside shortly.
Lowe Farm folks should signup online ASAP – drilling will begin in Lowe Farm shortly.

Please contact Valley Fiber directly with any questions or if you would like to sign up. You may call 1-800-958-5698 or email .


Valley Fiber in Rosenort (June 5, 2019)

Hello Rosenort,

***NOTICE of an Opportunity that we have been waiting for ***

The drills to install Fiber Optics in Rosenort have arrived.  If you have not signed up now is the time.  The opportunity for a free install is at our door steps, and you don’t want to miss out on this one time offer.
Valley Fiber will again go door to door over the next couple of days, but feel free to signup online at, email, or give them a call at 1-800 958 5698.
The benefits of Fiber to your home now and into the future are real.  TV and Home Phone (VOIP), are just the start of the offerings available with fiber to your home.


Message from Valley Fiber (May 28, 2019)


PUBLIC NOTICE – High speed internet installation – As many residents are aware, the Rural Municipality of Morris has entered into agreements with Valley Fiber to supply the ratepayers with high speed internet services.  There has been much communication about this and a number of rumours.  We would like to clarify what will actually happen.

Firstly – Rosenort & Riverside – In the next couple of weeks you will start seeing equipment that will be installing conduit and lines.  Rosenort  & Riverside residents and businesses will be able to sign up and receive fiber to the home/business if they sign up with Valley Fiber before the equipment goes past their homes/businesses.  We have been advised by Valley Fiber that providing that these residents/businesses sign up in time on a contracted term, there will not be a cost associated to receive this connection, you will just be responsible for the monthly fees associated with the service that you choose.  VF will be going door to door over the next few evenings – however signing up online is the best method.

Secondly – Lowe Farm – Valley Fiber is in the process of designing the line layouts for Lowe Farm.  Connections, etc. will be the same as Rosenort.  Lowe Farm residents are encouraged to signup online.

Third – Rural residents/businesses/farms along the fiber optic route in the rural area – Anyone along the route between the communities will have the ability to connect, however those wanting to connect will be responsible for the connection costs associated with taking the connection from the main line to the home/business.  These potential connectors should contact Valley Fiber for an estimate.

Finally – All others – The agreement that the Rural Municipality of Morris has with Valley Fiber is that upgrading/expanding wireless services will provide the balance of the municipality with a Fixed Wireless connection, with these potential connectors choosing their package through Valley Fiber and their wireless company, Valley Internet Service Provider (VISP).

We trust that this post will help to clarify any miscommunications that have taken place thus far.  We encourage you to call Valley Fiber to sign up to receive the highest internet speeds that our municipality has ever had available!

To sign up please contact Valley Fiber directly at 1-800-958-5698 or email


Message from Valley Fiber (May 22, 2019)

Hello Rosenort,
In the next few days Valley Fiber will be flagging your property for the potential fiber route from the street to your home. This is a requirement for other utilities to do their locates. If you are planning on signing up this is the next step in receiving Dedicated Fiber to your home.
To sign up call Valley Fiber directly at 1-800-958-5698 or email


Rosenort Residents and Businesses (May 21, 2019)

Just a REMINDER that the RM of Morris is working together with Valley Fiber to install fibre optic lines to homes and businesses in the communities of Rosenort and Lowe Farm and some points in between.
We are looking forward to having some of THE FASTEST INTERNET CONNECTION SPEEDS in the world available with DEDICATED CONNECTIONS to you, our residents!!
WHAT YOU NEED TO DO?? – SIGN UP, that’s it!

Call 1-800-958-5698 or email
IT’S THAT EASY! They would like to hear from you on or before May 31st, 2019!

You may have seen Valley Fiber crews in Rosenort over the past couple of weeks placing flag markers. Excitement has been growing. These flags show where Valley Fiber will be running the lines. Physical installation of the lines will start in the near future, so if you want to be included and have access to some of the greatest internet speeds available we urge you to call Valley Fiber to sign up.
Again, Valley Fiber has advised us that if you sign up before May 31st, 2019 your property connection will be included as the equipment is in the area.


Message from Valley Fiber (May 10, 2019)

As you may have seen, Valley Fiber is active in Rosenort and eager to bring you the fastest internet in Canada!
Keep a lookout for Valley Fiber staff coming to your door in the next day or so with information and the opportunity to sign up for a FREE hookup!
Please note the deadline to get your home and business on the list is MAY 31, 2019.
If you are not home on their way through, they will leave a pamphlet in your door with information on signing up. Please feel free to contact Valley Fiber and we can send you a PDF with information. Please feel free to reach out to us (Valley Fiber) directly with any questions.