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We have received numerous calls and inquiries about the shape of our roads.  This past winter and spring was extremely hard on our Road infrastructure.  We are experiencing that roads might dry enough so that they can handle smaller vehicles, however when larger, heavier trucks and the like, try to drive on the roads, that they are still too wet and soft for the larger units.

We are doing our best to maintain the roads to allow proper access for all those who need to use them, however if it is possible for larger trucks to reduce their load weight it would help to save the roads.

We also ask that if you do any damage to some of our roads, PLEASE CALL US so that we can send out equipment as soon as possible to help repair the damage.  Hopefully damage repairs can be accomplished prior to another rainfall.

Until the roads properly dry and firm up, we will continue to have problems with our roads.

Thank you,

Council & Management.