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Blog Reeve Ralph Groening

Let me name some of the services that we provide:

– Drainage maintenance of Municipal ditches – 25 to 30 miles of ditch maintenance every year.

– Gravel and maintenance of 200 miles of Municipal road.

– Maintenance of an additional 800 miles of Municipal dirt roads.

– Mowing all municipal roads.

– Maintenance of Rural and Urban water lines including about 950 homes serviced with water from the water plant in Morris. There are about 50 homes in the RM of Morris that are not serviced with municipal water.

– Repair and replace culverts.

– Mowing and maintenance of Urban Centres of Rosenort, Lowe Farm, Sperling, and Aubigny.

– Snow clearing of Urban Centres and gravel roads.  The Municipality owns 4 patrols (graders). The units start in Rosenort, Lowe Farm, Sperling and east of the Red River. Aubigny is serviced by the province because it is located on 2 Provincial Roads,  #246 and #205.

– Fire Departments in Rosenort, Lowe Farm, and Sperling provide fire protection services. We have service agreement with the Town of Morris for fire response in the municipal region close to the Town of Morris. The Provincial Mutual Aid agreement provides additional fire protection support.

– We issue residential building permits and provide building inspection services based on Provincial Building Code Standards.

– We support 4 Recreation Districts in Sperling, Lowe Farm, Rosenort and Aubigny. These districts present annual budgets to Council for approval. The funds required are then levied on the respective districts for the operation of rinks, ball diamonds, and community halls. The RM of Morris also contributes to the operational costs of the Morris Multiplex. The cost to taxpayer ranges from 1 to 1.5 mils.

– We have Waste Management sites in the communities of Rosenort and Lowe Farm. The Rosenort site is co-owned with the Town of Morris, but managed by RM of Morris staff.

– Recycling services are available weekly in Rosenort, and bi-weekly in Lowe Farm, Sperling, Riverside and Aubigny.


Question:  Should we provide more services, or should we focus on improving the quality of service presently provided? Comments?