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Blog Reeve Ralph Groening

So let me talk about Lowe Farm. Population of about 250 people down from a peak of about 400 in the 1950s. More houses today but larger families in the 1950s

John Lowe set up a model farm at Lowe Farm in 1880. The farm manager Asa Westover and his wife and a small group of farm labourers lived in Lowe Farm for a few years trying, unsuccessful to establish a model farm. The site only officially became Lowe Farm in 1898 about 10 years after the Northern Pacific built a rail line through Lowe Farm.

Today Lowe Farm is a mix of retired farm families as well as individuals that work in the surrounding communities of Rosenort, Winkler, Altona and Morris.

The K-8 school is thriving with more than 100 students. There are many young people living in Lowe Farm and the surrounding community. The need for good old fashioned outdoor skating rink was identified by community leaders, led by the Lowe Farm Recreation Commission.

This small band of local volunteers established a plan for a rink. They applied for grants, held informational meetings to engage more of the community, organized a fund raising drive, identified a goal for completion of the project, and today we have a brand new skating rink in Lowe Farm.

The community leaders who organized and successfully completed this significant project need to be recognized. Many volunteered hours of work were contributed to the project. Great job everyone!

Dulaney Blatz, Don Groening, and Peter Falk spearheaded the project, but the entire recreation commission board, and many community members contributed to the success of the rink project.

The RM of Morris council wants to say thank you and a job well done.

You make us and the community proud. Thanks.