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Blog Reeve Ralph Groening

April 16th, 2013 – The province of Manitoba presents their budget to the citizens of Manitoba with focus on 1% increase in PST. April 18th, 2013 – The Provincial Flood forecasting team announced that the residents of Southern Manitoba should be prepared for a 2009 plus 1 foot flood event. Further to that, the communities in the valley should make plans for the very likelihood of a possible evacuation.

The residents in the RM of Morris were very concerned about the impact of such a flood event.  Some questions, thoughts and actions were addressed:

  • ·         Would the RM be able to continue the build-up of the Riverside Road, much like we did in 2011?
  • ·         If, when and where would our seniors need to be moved to a safer location?
  • ·         How would the businesses in Rosenort continue to operate?
  • ·         The RM of Morris developed a communication and evacuation plan with the support of our Provincial  Emergency Measures representative. We upgraded our web site with links to flood information.
  • ·         The Municipality met with the RCMP to reassure them about our preparedness for flood event.
  • ·         We held meetings with both businesses and residents to present all available flood information.
  • ·         The municipality drafted a newsletter with relevant flood information.
  • ·         The Rural Municipality of Morris was prepared to respond to the challenges of another flood event.
  • ·         Were we over reacting?

On April 23, the Provincial Flood team met with community leaders in Morris to present the latest information and provided advice. The forecast presented by Provincial representatives, again focused on the responsibility of Towns and Municipalities to prepare for a 2009 plus 1 foot flood event.

  • ·         The RM of Morris spent $100, 000 to prepare for the predicted major flood event.
  • ·         We were prepared to protect our citizens and properties against this almost certain major event.

May 3- The Province forecasted best case prediction of 775 feet at Morris.

May 5- The Red River crests at Morris at 771.2 feet.

That is a difference of 4 feet!

Conclusion:   I believe the Province of Manitoba needs to improve its ability to forecast flood levels.