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Blog Reeve Ralph Groening

The Rural Municipality of Morris is fortunate to be able to support 3 fire departments. There are 70 volunteer fire fighters in the communities of Rosenort, Lowe Farm, and Sperling. The men and women from these 3 departments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to all 911 fire, medical and motor vehicle emergencies. The dedication of these individuals is remarkable. Training demands are considerable. Time commitments for practices and preparation are significant. Compensation is modest. The RM of Morris provides a very modest per call honorarium of $10 for each event attended. The Fire Chief receives an additional token of $2 per call.  I do not need to emphasize the fact that our firefighter volunteers offer their services to the community out of a sense of commitment and duty to their fellow residents. Thank you to all of our firefighters for their contribution for safety and security to our communities.

Each Fire Department has a Chief who is responsible for coordinating the activities of his Firefighters. Peter Harder is the Lowe Farm Fire Chief and Sperling Fire Chief is Lyle Rance.  Dalton Doerksen has served as Rosenort Fire Chief since 2004, and he has served on the Rosenort Fire Department for a total of 37 years. You have made a remarkable community contribution and we thank you for your many years of service. Dalton officially retired from the position as of April 1st, 2013. Bernard Schellenberg is the new Rosenort Fire Chief. We want welcome and thank Bernard for accepting the challenge and responsibility as Fire Chief. Bernard is presently a city of Winnipeg Firefighter, so he brings training and experience to this position already.

RM of Morris Fire Protection notes:   Annual budget of approximately $170 000 ($56 per resident)