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Blog Reeve Ralph Groening

It is all about communication. Phone calls to council or staff are pretty basic. You have a problem or concern and we try to correct or give explanation. This works OK. Not perfect just OK. We are a small community, 2999 residents based on the last census. Because of this fact Council has the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss activities in the RM of Morris. We send out newsletters quarterly. Sometimes people read them. Often not. We have an excellent Facebook site which is used by some of our residents. I also happen to have a twitter site for those of you that are social media enthusiasts. Council and staff do their very best to keep you informed about events and activities that take place in the RM of Morris. Our goal is to improve our service to you the residents and to improve the way in which we communicate with you. We are making some changes.

The RM has had a web site for a number of years. The site included excellent historical information about communities and RM administrative history. Unfortunately the site was not very interactive.

The previous web site received 10-15 hits per day but most were from non-residents.

We want to communicate more effectively with the people that we serve. Our goal is to provide you with current information about activity in the RM of Morris such as road closures, response to snow or flood event, drain maintenance progress, progress of gravel program, water line breaks. These are examples of Public Works activities that will be available to visitors of our site.

The RM of Morris Drainage and Concern forms will be available on site in an easy to use format.
News events will be posted daily. Links to other sites will be provided.

The goal of Council and Staff is to serve you, the residents and ratepayers, more effectively. We think our new web-site assists us in achieving that goal.We encourage your comments and criticisms.