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Blog Reeve Ralph Groening

So after a relaxing long weekend, thanks to Louis Riel. I thought the time was right for a few comments on democracy. This might also serve as a reminder that municipal elections will be held on October 22, 2014, a mere 8 months away.

The last municipal election in 2010 saw only 27% of all eligible voters cast a ballet. The City of Winkler has a voter turnout of 28% and the City of Steinbach had a voter turnout of 35%. We have some good company. The question that I present; Is this voter turnout an indication of complacency or simply an acknowledgment that the affairs of the community have been managed reasonably and there is no cause for concern? Controversial issues always have a way of generating higher voter turnout so I am not necessarily concerned about lower numbers.

The RM of Morris believes that it is essential to communicate decisions that have an impact on our residents and rate payers. The items that provide the most discussion and feedback are generally related to finances. We use Facebook, our RM of Morris website, and quarterly newsletters to inform our citizens.

Should the RM of Morris consult more frequently with residents? Should we use Town Hall meetings to communicate and consult?

Your elected Council evaluates the many municipal challenges we face and make decisions that are hopefully wise and of benefit to the people we represent.

So, as Council moves closer to the conclusion of our 4-year elected term of office, I will offer some specific examples of challenges that will be presented to the next RM of Morris Council:

  • expansion of wastewater lagoons for Rosenort and Lowe Farm.
  • designing and completing improved flood access for Rosenort.
  • establishing RM of Morris Fire Department working cooperatively with the Rosenort, Sperling and Lowe Farm Fire Departments.
  • developing a plan for the repair or replacement of the Riverside Road bridge.
  • complete review of the RM of Morris Development and Wastewater Management Plan.

These are some of the challenges that will be part of the responsibility of the next RM of Morris Council.

Election Day is October 22nd, 2014.

And in case anyone asks: I will seek another term as Reeve for the RM of Morris.