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Blog Reeve Ralph Groening

Summer is too short. Absolutely too short. Here we are in early September looking at fall and winter meeting schedules and wondering what happened to the time.

Some comments.—Residents in the RM of Morris have been without a Provincial MLA for about 6 months. Our residents have been without an MP for about 2 months. Both the Provincial Government of Manitoba and the Federal Government of Canada appear to be in any rush to replace the 2 representatives that have resigned their positions. There is something very strange and I think unfair about the fact that the 2999 residents in the Rural Municipality of Morris have no representation provincially or federally. The municipal work responsibilities are established early in the year and this work has largely been completed or will be completed before winter.

 Now is the time for RM Council to discuss and begin the planning process for the 2014 year. Projects often require provincial or federal approval and funding. The fact that no representation from the two senior levels of government is available to our citizens is very unique. To add to the complexity of the situation is the fact that the RM of Morris will be moved from the Provencher to Portage-Lisgar Constituency in the next election.

The RM of Morris council and staff are working hard to serve the needs of our municipal residents. I believe that council has made responsible and wise decisions in managing the affairs of our municipality.

It is now time for the Province of Manitoba and our Federal Government in Ottawa to begin the election process that will provide our citizens with the provincial and federal representation that the citizens of the Rural Municipality of Morris deserve.