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Winter is almost here and we all travel on winter roads. Hopefully you have done your 72 hour emergency planning for home and now it is time to get your car prepared. Ensure it is winterized with winter tires in good condition.
This is an ideal list of things to have in your car for a winter emergency:

– Sand, salt or cat litter (non clumping)
– Antifreeze/windshield washer fluid
– Jumper cables
– Fire extinguisher
– Tow rope
– Warning light or road flares
– First aid kit
– Seat-belt cutter (in main car area in a reachable spot)
– Scraper, snow-brush and small shovel
– Candle in a deep can and matches
– Wind-up flashlight (batteries can die quickly in the cold)
– Blanket
– Extra warm clothing like scarves, gloves, and boots
– Food that won’t spoil, such as energy bars
– Water in plastic bottles so they won’t break when frozen (change both food and water every six months)
– Whistle In case you need to attract attention
– Road maps
– Copy of your emergency plan and personal emergency contacts