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Sperling was first known as Mariposa. It was the location (Dawson’s Corner) of a post office operated by a Mr. and Mrs. Bennett. It was opened shortly after the arrival of the first settlers to this area. The first family, the Adam Waddells, originating previously from Egermont, Ontario, arrived at Taylor’s Bluff in the spring of 1881. From an earlier account written by Mrs. I. Peckover, “The Waddell family had no neighbors to the east or north, and prairie, swamp and hay lands as far as the eye could reach.” At first there was nothing, no roads, no schools, no churches, but it wasn’t long before others followed. The waves of new settlers came from Ontario. They were followed by Danes, Swiss, French and Mennonites. Sperling became and remains a cosmopolitan centre. It was not until 1901 that the community became known as Sperling. The change of name from “Mariposa” to “Sperling” came with the advent of the Canadian Northern Railway. Apparently about this time there was a dispute among residents as to whether the community should retain its name of Mariposa or be changed to Waddell. The railway decided to name the community “Sperling” after “Sperling and Co.”, a British Financial firm interested in the Canadian Nor-thern Railway. With the railway came the first elevator(built in 1926), the Dominion. It was followed by the establishment of the Canadian, Taylor and Metcalfe elevators. The Ogilvies elevator was built in 1904. While these names have long since disappeared from the Canadian grain trade and were replaced by others, the Pool and United Grain Growers elevators remain an integral part of the community.

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