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This barn was built by John H. Kane north of St. Jean, Manitoba in 1918. It still stands today.

John H. Kane is erecting a barn on his farm that promises to be one of the best and most convenient in the Morris district.It is of the basement type; has a cement wall of 8 feet, with 20 foot posts on top. The main part is 40 feet by 90 feet with an annex 28 feet by 60 feet. There will be water in every stall for the stock. The building will be three stories and an elevator will convey all grains and other fodder from basement to the bins at the top. A chopper will be installed in the basement and the grain to be chopped will be handled by the elevators. There is in the basement a bored well, which furnishes an abundant supply of hard water. Soft water tanks will be installed as well, so that both hard and soft water will always be on top. The water system will be connected with the house so as to make a sufficient supply there.

In the basement wing will also be installed a weighing scales. There will be accommodation for 36 head of cattle and brood pens for 28 sows. In the basement annex will be a milk house, a meat house, a work shop, a wash room besides a complete electrical plant operated by a gas engine that will supply the barn with electric light. Light will also be supplied to the house from the same source. In planning this barn nothing that would add to its’ convenience appears to have been overlooked. When completed the barn will well repay a visit by those who are interested in modern conveniences on the farm and especially by any who contemplate making any changes in their farm buildings.

(A Red Cross dance was held in the new barn of J. H. Kane, 1 mile north of Ste. Jean, 5 miles south of Morris, on the Jefferson Highway on Thursday, July 18th, 1918. The music was by the Winnipeg Grenadiers’ Orchestra. The admission for the gentlemen was $1.00. Sponsors were the Ste. Jean Baptiste Overseas Club.)

from the Morris Herald (Morris, Manitoba, May 16, 1918)