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1904 Telephone Communication


                              How the times have changed! Back in 1904, a long distant line connecting Morris, Dominion City and Emerson was put through.

Rural Municipality of Morris Logo – May 11, 1880

                                        The RM of Morris adopted a new logo on January 14, 2015, making our previous logo a historical piece of our history.

The Place of Roses


Rosenhoff(now known as Riverside) – Rosenort In 1874 both towns settled. Named by the villagers as suggested by the founder and delegate from Russia David Klassen who noted in his report to them after he visited in 1873 that the land was fertile as indicated by the abundant wild roses growing everywhere. The names mean […]

McTavish & Silver Plains

McTavish The four McTavish brothers arrived here from Ontario in the 1880’s. Robert, Ed, John and James were community minded. Jim homestead the farm occupied by Jacob K.B. Loewen. His was the influence that organized the passing and petition for the railway to build a station at McTavish, and he served on the Municipal Council […]

The Scratching River Reserve


Heinrich Ratzlaff, first mayor of Rosenort, Manitoba, upon seeing the land near the Scratching River, wrote the following words in German on the trunk of a dead tree. “ It is good to be here, let us build our homes.” In 1874, 31 Russian Mennonite families moved to the banks of the Scratching River near […]