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1904 Telephone Communication


                              How the times have changed! Back in 1904, a long distant line connecting Morris, Dominion City and Emerson was put through.

Lowe Farm Ball Player 1910-1915

Picture Post Card of Lowe Farm ball player from 1910-1915.

Rural Municipality of Morris Logo – May 11, 1880

                                        The RM of Morris adopted a new logo on January 14, 2015, making our previous logo a historical piece of our history.

THE RAILWAY by Paul Joyal


On July 2, 1887, Premier John Norquay, assisted by the Mayor of Winnipeg, turned over the first sod of the Red River Valley Railway. Construction began in earnest on July 13, the intention being to have the line travelling southward from Winnipeg to the International Boundary completed by September 1 of that year.

Founder of Kane, Manitoba

JOHN H. KANE Founder of Kane John Henry Kane, an American business man and land broker from Odell, Illinois, began to purchase newly drained land in the Kane area in 1906.

A Convenient Barn


This barn was built by John H. Kane north of St. Jean, Manitoba in 1918. It still stands today.

Early History of Kane and Rose Farm

The development of Kane, the village and the district has always been limited by the ability of authorities and farmers to drain excess water off the land.

Kane History


In 1903, James Miller came from Ontario to the area which is now Kane and farmed 31-4-2W. A railway siding was constructed, and a town site surveyed on the northwest corner of the farm.