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1904 Telephone Communication


                              How the times have changed! Back in 1904, a long distant line connecting Morris, Dominion City and Emerson was put through.

Lowe Farm Ball Player 1910-1915

Picture Post Card of Lowe Farm ball player from 1910-1915.

Rural Municipality of Morris Logo – May 11, 1880

                                        The RM of Morris adopted a new logo on January 14, 2015, making our previous logo a historical piece of our history.

THE RAILWAY by Paul Joyal


On July 2, 1887, Premier John Norquay, assisted by the Mayor of Winnipeg, turned over the first sod of the Red River Valley Railway. Construction began in earnest on July 13, the intention being to have the line travelling southward from Winnipeg to the International Boundary completed by September 1 of that year.

Founder of Kane, Manitoba

JOHN H. KANE Founder of Kane John Henry Kane, an American business man and land broker from Odell, Illinois, began to purchase newly drained land in the Kane area in 1906.

Sperling Catholic Church


It was in the year 1930 that Father Gustave Couture became parish priest in Starbuck and he became very enthused about Sperling having a little church of its own, so he started to organize the people in doing something about it. By 1935, through Father Couture’s zeal and enthusiasm, they had gathered $650.00 and with […]

Sperling Girls Team Inducted into the MB Softball Hall of Fame…


1947 TO 1952 SPERLING GIRLS SOFTBALL TEAM  INDUCTED INTO THE MANITOBA SOFTBALL HALL OF FAME & MUSEUM INC. In 1947 in the small community of Sperling with a population of two hundred, Donald Thom, the High School Principal,organized a girls softball team. The team went undefeated winning twenty-one tournament and exhibition games that first year. […]

The Place of Roses


Rosenhoff(now known as Riverside) – Rosenort In 1874 both towns settled. Named by the villagers as suggested by the founder and delegate from Russia David Klassen who noted in his report to them after he visited in 1873 that the land was fertile as indicated by the abundant wild roses growing everywhere. The names mean […]

Nocolai J. & Anna Heide


Nocolai J. Heide was born in the Horndean district in April 1896. He married Anna Goertzen of Morden in 1919 in the Winkler Mennonite Brethren Church.

Union Point History


Before the turn of the century, Union Point was a hub of activity, a meeting place. When the steamboats came down the Red, the landing at Union Point was a place where settlers arrived, disembarked and traveled to their homesteads. It was an ideal docking place because there was a large sandbar in the river […]