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Q: When do I evacuate my property?

A: When directed by your Municipality and/or when road access is no longer available.

 Q: Who do I contact first if I need to evacuate?

A: You call your Municipality to register and confirm your location.

 Q: Do I have to evacuate my property if I have a boat and have the means to stay?

A: No. The recommended guidelines if you wish to stay, are as follows:

–          You must NOT be under 13 years old or over 70 years old

–          You must NOT be under a doctor’s care

–          You must NOT be scared of water


–          It is recommended that you have access to a boat &life jackets

–          If you are on medication, you must have a supply of medication to last you during a potential flood

–          You must have a cell phone

–          You must have essentials such as food and water (enough to sustain you for the length of time you plan to stay)

–          We recommend that you have a generator to use in case there is no electricity

–          Please ensure you have a supply of fuel for the generator.

 Q: Will the Municipality shut off water supply?

A: The RM of Morris does not intend to shut off any water supply.

 Q: Where can I get sandbags and who do I contact?

A: RM of Morris Shop located East of Rosenort off PR 205. Phone No. 204-746-2412.

 Q: What is my land/dyke elevation?

A: Land Elevations 204-945-2121.

 Q: If I’m not capable of maintaining my dyke and sump pumps, are there people available to help me?

A: You will need to make your own arrangements. The Municipality is not responsible for private dykes. It’s always good to plan ahead.

Q: Can I stay with family in a different Province and be compensated?

A: No.

 Q: Can I bring my cats and dogs with me to the hotel?

A: See pet Info on website. Click on link to access information. (link available soon)

Q: Do I need to pay my home telephone line if I’m evacuated?

A: Call MTS at 204-225-5687 for information.

Q: If I evacuate do I turn off my hydro?

A: No. You need to leave it on in case water gets into your basement and for the sump pump to work.

Q: If I can’t pay for a room at a hotel, is there assistance to help me?

A: We encourage people to seek assistance from family and friends first.  If you don’t have family/friends that you can stay with, then Provincial Emergency Social Services will provide you a hotel designated by the Province and an evacuation per diem.

 Q: Will my property be safe if I evacuate?

A: Make sure all your personal belongings of value go along with you. And make sure you lock all doors and windows.

Q: Can I go back to my property and check on everything?

A: Yes you can. Make sure you have a proper vehicle or boat.

 Q: Who do I contact if I have farm animals?

A: Contact MAFRI at 204-293-8962.

 Q: Can the RM bring sand bags to my house?

A: No. You can call local contractors.

 Q: Does the RM of Morris have a sandbag machine?

A: No.

 Q: Does the RM supply boats?

A: No.

Q: Where can I rent a boat?

A: You can look in the Yellow Pages or on the internet and search Boat Rentals in Manitoba.

 Q: What do I bring with me when I evacuate?

A:You bring what is important to you. If you are on any medication, please don’t forget to bring them. Bring your important documents.  If you have pets make sure you bring food, toys etc…