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7 Acre Wood Animal Boarding Kennel

7 Acre Wood Animal Boarding Kennel offers boarding services approximately 40 minutes South of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our business has an approved business license and is a fully insured business. Our facility is Provincially inspected and approved. Our kennel facility is located on our 7 acre property West of Morris, MB on 55 Highway 23. We provide dog boarding services as well as cat and small critter boarding. We are passionate about the welfare of animals and care strongly about spending quality time with each dog, cat, and small critter in our care. Each pet in our care is provided with numerous opportunities through out each day to relieve themselves, exercise, play, and socialize indoors and/or outdoors. At their owners request they may be walked, interact with other boarders, or play individually; all at no extra charge.  We enjoy working with and caring for all types of animals, and we offer not only personal experience but professional experience in the animal care field.


  • 14 spacious and well-maintained dog kennels with dog-doors for both indoor and outdoor access. If weather permits, there is all-day access except at night.
  •  A fully fenced outdoor play-area where there is opportunity for supervised exercise, socialization and play-time. 
  •  A separate room for cat boarding and small caged critters. We have 2 cat condos which can be split into 4. We also have 3 rabbit enclosures of varying sizes for small critters.


  •  A safe and clean environment.
  •  Reduced dog daycare rates.
  •  Pick-up and drop-off services.
  • Feeding and maintenance.
  • Leashed-walks around our 7 acre property.
  • Special care such as administration of medication.
  • Grooming. (For dogs and cats by certified groomer, Vicki Preteau.)

Contact us either through our Website, email, Facebook or call 204-228356


HD Concrete Inc.

HD Concrete Inc is based 1/4 mile south of the Rosenort Industrial park in Rosenort. The business started out more than 25 years ago as AL’S Construction. As time went on, ownership changed as did the focus of the business. HD Concrete now does primarily concrete foundation work. Our work includes piers, grade beams, and icf foundations, but we specialize in flat work! Our focus is mainly on Industrial, Commercial, and Farm projects. Industrial/Commercial – CIP piles, ICF and conventional grade beams, floating & structural floors, concrete pavement, curbs. Farm – Hopper bin pads, pile & grade beam, shop/shed floors

Give us a call for your next foundation project at 204-712-6666 or visit our Website by clicking here!


Kat’s Kritters Rescue & Animal Boarding

A message from Kathy Gyoerick:

I offer cage pet daycare and boarding services from my rural home south of Sperling, MB. Located at 10062 Road 29N (5 miles south of Sperling and 1/2 mile east). Check out my website by clicking here.  To contact please email Kathy Gyoerick by at



Lily Stone Gardens

Lily Stone Gardens is a year round floral design shop and seasonal cut flower farm offering unique and stunning florals for every occasion. We strive to be unique by utilizing as much of our own grown flowers as possible during the seasonal months. Our passion is flowers…from growing to designing with some of the most sought after varieties that create bouquets and arrangements with a completely custom feel.

We offer flowers for every occasion and specialize in stunning wedding arrangements. Whatever your flower needs may be, you’ve come to the right place. Have a look around and if you like what you see contact us for a consultation or to place an order.

Check out our Website or give us a call at 204-746-8534 


Riverside Upholstery

Riverside Upholstery has been operating within the community since 1991. These are the following Upholstery services offered:

  • automotive seats (car and truck) and some interior work
  • Boat seats, interior panels, and covers
  • Snowmobile seats
  • Selective household furniture
  • Agricultural
  • Tractor and machinery seats
  • Tarp repairs
  • Commercial sewing
  • Tarps
  • Equipment covers

Email or call us at 204-746-6188 or 204-712-5005