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MESSAGE TO ALL RESIDENTS OF THE RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF MORRIS: Council and Staff would like to advise you that we are meeting regularly to discuss the current flood situation. We would like to address a number of items as follows: 1. Municipal Road Closures – Many rural roads have been closed because they are impassable. […]

Rosenort Main Street Urbanization and River Corridor Placemaking


Information regarding the Rosenort Main Street Urbanization and River Corridor Placemaking can be found here.   

Water Information and Flood Conditions


Provincial reports including flood forecasts, operation of structures, river levels and more, can be found here.

Road Closures


Current road closures can be found here.

Road Conditions Information


PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that due to the excessive moisture we are currently experiencing some of our gravel roads have experienced severe deterioration, some to the point of not being passable. Therefore, we are asking for your cooperation in minimizing the usage of our gravel road system to ensure that we do not lose […]

2022 Financial Plan Presentation and Information


Financial Plan Presentation The Financial Plan Final

Dust Control


Application for 2022 dust control can be found here.

2022 Financial Plan


2022 Financial Plan Package