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For many years the Manitoba Good Roads Association has been holding competitions in various categories, such as ‘Best Rural Yard’ etc. As a Municipality we are looking for properties to nominate for the Manitoba Good Roads Association Competition. 

If you or someone you know has an admirable property and would like to be nominated to be entered in the competition, please contact our office. Property owners will be contacted prior to sending in nomination forms.

Please see below for categories and qualifications:

Category No 1. – Farm Home

  • Property must be rural farm home

Category No. 2 – Non-Farm Rural Home

  • Not within boundaries of any unincorporated urban centre (town, city or village)

Category No. 3 – Home in Unincorporated Urban Centre

  • Within boundaries of unincorporated urban centre (town, city or village)


Please have nominee submissions in by noon on June 17th, 2022.

Please contact Jennifer with nominations by emailing her at or drop off a letter at our drop-box, located at the front doors at the municipal office (Morris, MB). Please include property owner(s), P.O. address, owners’ phone number, and civic or legal address of property.

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