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The Rural Municipality of Morris is located approximately 50 kilometers or 30 minutes southwest of Winnipeg. The major routes that go through the R.M. are highways 75 & 23. Learn more about our community.


  • Council Members and CAO – 2021

  • Beautiful Fields & Blue Skies

  • Union Point Church – The calm after the storm

    Photo credits Esther Loewen

  • Lowe Farm Grain Elevator

    This Grain Elevator landmark was built in 1937.

  • Sun Peeking through the clouds off Highway 23

  • Sunny Skies Over The Marsh River

    On the east edge of the Municipality, the Marsh River runs between Rd 11E and Rd 12E. 

  • Landmark Feeds from across the Morris River

  • McTavish

    This community is known for its willow trees and grassy marshes.


  • Riverview Golf & Country Club

    The golf course is a 2,875 yard, par 36, nine hole course with a licensed club house

  • Harvest Underway

    Happiness is the harvest of a quite eye  – Austin O’Malley

  • Previous Site of Rose Farm School

  • Morris River

  • K-Tec Earthmover

    Located in the Industrial Park in Rosenort

  • Rosenort River Trail

  • Manitoba Stampede Grandstand Restoration

  • It’s that time of year again!

    Prairie Hill Farm harvesting their oats

  • The Sunflower

  • Unveiling of our New RM Flag

    At the 52nd Manitoba Stampede & Exhibition – 2015

  • Flowers are in Bloom

    The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity~George Carlin

  • Farmland

    Riverside, Manitoba

  • Canola Fields

    Brightening up our roads to home

  • Lightning Strikes in the RM

    June 7, 2015 – Photo taken by Jase Chartier

  • Cal’s Cage

    Batting Cage at Westfield Park in Rosenort

  • Morning Fog

    Prairie Hill Farms waiting for the fog to lift!

  • Sun Dogs

    Created by light interacting with ice crystals in the atmosphere

  • Dekalb Super Spiel

    November 20-24 Morris at  the Rosenort Arena & Morris MultiPlex

  • RM of Morris

    Inaugural Meeting October 30, 2014

  • Morris Riverview Golf Course



  • Fall

    The time when everything bursts with its last beauty!

  • Back in 1903

    RM of Morris Council


  • Farmhouse Cafe in Rosenort

    Good ole’ home cooking & friendly service! 204-746-3333

  • Country Living

  • RM of Morris Sunset

    Beautiful views while living in the country!

  • Red River – North of Aubigny

    Photo taken from Stan Robert of Aubigny


  • Kane School District

  • 1966 Sperling Fire Truck

    Fire Truck was used in the 50th Stampede Anniversary Parade

  • Spruce Cres Park

    Located in Rosenort

  • Aubigny Community Hall

  • Manitoba Stampede’s 50th Anniversary!

    July 18 to July 21, 2013

  • Trees in Bloom

  • Diamond in the Ruff Kennels

    2 Miles West of Rosenort Phone No: (204) 746-2235

  • Best Urban Home Ground Winners

    Leroy & Lois Friesen’s Property

  • Best Farm Home Ground Winners

    Lonnie & Patricia Friesen’s property

  • Rosenort School

    Kindergarten to Grade 12

  • Sperling Industries

  • Sperling Post Office

  • Sperling Manitoba

  • Golden Corner

    Senior Centre located in Sperling, MB

  • Harvest Time!

  • Westfield Park

    Ball Diamonds, Tennis Courts, Arena and Playground

  • Lowe Farm Outdoor Rink

    New Outdoor Rink with Heated Shelter

  • Rosenort Credit Union

    In Operation since March 6, 1940

  • Lowe Farm School

    Kindergarten to Grade 8

  • Lowe Farm Country Cafe

    Come and Enjoy Home Cooked Meals!

  • Rosenort Subway

    The place where fresh is the taste!

  • Horizon Agro

    Seed Processors in in Riverside area

  • Lowe Farm Grocery

    Grocery Store Located in Lowe Farm

  • Novid

     Manufacturer Company in Rosenort Industrial Park

  • JP Transport

    Trucking Company located in Aubigny, Manitoba

  • Riverside Centennial Park

    Enjoy their annual summer picnic with activities for all!

  • Aubigny’s Play Structure

    Residents are pleased with their new structure.

  • Sperling Community Park

    Area for camping, picnic & indoor facilities with showers.


  • Rosenort River Trail RCU Bridge

    A 3 kilometre community all-season trail.

  • Rachel Fehr’s Horses

    Paint horses enjoying a beautiful Fall day in Riverside.

  • Lowe Farm Grain Elevator

    This Grain Elevator landmark was built in 1937.

  • Cloud Cover:
  • Humidity:
  • Precip (mm):
  • Pressure:
  • Temp F:
  • Visibility:
  • Wind Direction:
  • Wind Speed (kmph):


May 27, 2022

Road Conditions

UPDATES ~see all~

  • Council Meeting Agenda – May 30th, 2022


  • PUBLIC NOTICE: Lowe Farm Landfill

    The Lowe Farm landfill will be closed starting May 31st, 2022 until further notice. The Rosenort landfill is still open regular hours, which can be found here.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Municipal Road Damage


    Municipal road damage can be reported by calling the EOC at 204-746-3439 or our office at 204-746-7300.

  • Talking Helps

    The Counsellors at the Manitoba Farm, Rural & Northern Support Services understand rural living and rural people. No matter what the issue – big or small – we are here to listen and support. You can call or chat online for yourself, or for someone you care about.

    • Free and confidential (phone and online)
    • Confidential

    MORE >

  • Flood Information


    PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to residents and ratepayers about current 2022 Flood Fighting and Recovery Efforts as follows:

    1. Our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) remains open with hours of operations of being 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM daily until at least May 24th, 2022. EOC Phone Number is 204-746-3439.

    MORE >

EVENTS ~see calendar~

  • Burning at the Landfill

    This Saturday (May 28) the fire department will be burning at the Lowe Farm landfill. It is expected to start Saturday morning until the evening, possibly into Sunday.

  • 2022 Manitoba Good Roads Association Competition

    For many years the Manitoba Good Roads Association has been holding competitions in various categories, such as ‘Best Rural Yard’ etc. As a Municipality we are looking for properties to nominate for the Manitoba Good Roads Association Competition. 

    MORE >

  • Spring Cleanup 2022

    Urban spring cleanup will be taking place again this year. Place unwanted articles at the end of your driveway for pickup. This DOES NOT include regular household garbage. The schedule is as follows:

    • May 24th – Rosenort, Riverside & Aubigny
    • May 25th – Rosenort & Riverside
    • May 26th – Lowe Farm
    • May 27th – Sperling

    We ask that you have your unwanted items out in the morning. Pickup will be not done after these dates.

    This week will also be free dump days at the landfills. Please remember, fridges will only be removed if they are marked freon free.


  • Notice of Registration for Candidates

RM of Morris Maps

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