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The Rural Municipality of Morris is located approximately 50 kilometers or 30 minutes southwest of Winnipeg. The major routes that go through the R.M. are highways 75 & 23. Learn more about our community.


  • Beautiful Fields & Blue Skies

  • Union Point Church – The calm after the storm

    Photo credits Esther Loewen

  • Lowe Farm Grain Elevator

    This Grain Elevator landmark was built in 1937.

  • New Rosenort Fire Hall

    Construction is underway for the new hall off PR 205E next to our Public Works Shop.

  • New Rosenort Fire Hall

    Construction is underway for the new hall off PR 205E next to our Public Works Shop

  • Sun Peeking through the clouds off Highway 23

  • Harvest is Underway

  • Sunny Skies Over The Marsh River

    On the east edge of the Municipality, the Marsh River runs between Rd 11E and Rd 12E. 

  • Landmark Feeds from across the Morris River

  • McTavish

    This community is known for its willow trees and grassy marshes.


  • Riverview Golf & Country Club

    The golf course is a 2,875 yard, par 36, nine hole course with a licensed club house

  • Harvest Underway

    Happiness is the harvest of a quite eye  – Austin O’Malley

  • Previous Site of Rose Farm School

  • Morris River

  • K-Tec Earthmover

    Located in the Industrial Park in Rosenort

  • Rosenort River Trail

  • Manitoba Stampede Grandstand Restoration

  • It’s that time of year again!

    Prairie Hill Farm harvesting their oats

  • The Sunflower

  • Unveiling of our New RM Flag

    At the 52nd Manitoba Stampede & Exhibition – 2015

  • Flowers are in Bloom

    The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity~George Carlin

  • Farmland

    Riverside, Manitoba

  • Canola Fields

    Brightening up our roads to home

  • Lightning Strikes in the RM

    June 7, 2015 – Photo taken by Jase Chartier

  • Cal’s Cage

    Batting Cage at Westfield Park in Rosenort

  • Morning Fog

    Prairie Hill Farms waiting for the fog to lift!

  • Sun Dogs

    Created by light interacting with ice crystals in the atmosphere

  • White-tailed deer

  • Dekalb Super Spiel

    November 20-24 Morris at  the Rosenort Arena & Morris MultiPlex

  • RM of Morris

    Inaugural Meeting October 30, 2014

  • Morris Riverview Golf Course



  • Fall

    The time when everything bursts with its last beauty!

  • Back in 1903

    RM of Morris Council


  • Farmhouse Cafe in Rosenort

    Good ole’ home cooking & friendly service! 204-746-3333

  • Country Living

  • RM of Morris Sunset

    Beautiful views while living in the country!

  • Red River – North of Aubigny

    Photo taken from Stan Robert of Aubigny


  • Kane School District

  • 1966 Sperling Fire Truck

    Fire Truck was used in the 50th Stampede Anniversary Parade

  • Spruce Cres Park

    Located in Rosenort

  • Aubigny Community Hall

  • Manitoba Stampede’s 50th Anniversary!

    July 18 to July 21, 2013

  • Trees in Bloom

  • Diamond in the Ruff Kennels

    2 Miles West of Rosenort Phone No: (204) 746-2235

  • Best Urban Home Ground Winners

    Leroy & Lois Friesen’s Property

  • Best Farm Home Ground Winners

    Lonnie & Patricia Friesen’s property

  • Rosenort School

    Kindergarten to Grade 12

  • Sperling Industries

  • Sperling Post Office

  • Sperling Manitoba

  • Golden Corner

    Senior Centre located in Sperling, MB

  • Harvest Time!

  • Westfield Park

    Ball Diamonds, Tennis Courts, Arena and Playground

  • Lowe Farm Outdoor Rink

    New Outdoor Rink with Heated Shelter

  • Rosenort Credit Union

    In Operation since March 6, 1940

  • Lowe Farm School

    Kindergarten to Grade 8

  • Lowe Farm Country Cafe

    Come and Enjoy Home Cooked Meals!

  • Rosenort Subway

    The place where fresh is the taste!

  • Horizon Agro

    Seed Processors in in Riverside area

  • Lowe Farm Grocery

    Grocery Store Located in Lowe Farm

  • Novid

     Manufacturer Company in Rosenort Industrial Park

  • JP Transport

    Trucking Company located in Aubigny, Manitoba

  • Riverside Centennial Park

    Enjoy their annual summer picnic with activities for all!

  • Aubigny’s Play Structure

    Residents are pleased with their new structure.

  • Sperling Community Park

    Area for camping, picnic & indoor facilities with showers.


  • Rosenort River Trail RCU Bridge

    A 3 kilometre community all-season trail.

  • Rachel Fehr’s Horses

    Paint horses enjoying a beautiful Fall day in Riverside.

  • Canadian Thistle

    Photo taken at Snarr Road

  • Lowe Farm Grain Elevator

    This Grain Elevator landmark was built in 1937.

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  • Temp F:
  • Visibility:
  • Wind Direction:
  • Wind Speed (kmph):


October 25, 2020

Road Conditions

UPDATES ~see all~

  • Fall 2020 Newsletter


  • Council Meeting Minutes

  • Notice of Public Hearing for Special Service Plan – REVISED

  • Tree Planting


    Yesterday (October 7th) the RM of Morris Council and staff planted trees in the community of Rosenort at the old south dyke. We are looking forward to seeing these trees grow and be part of the community! Here are some pictures from our day.

    MORE >

  • Recycling Collection Program


    The Rural Municipality of Morris is pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2021 there will be significant changes made to it’s Recycling Collection Program.

    • EXPANDED ROUTE – All established properties along the route shown on the attached map will now receive bi-weekly recycling pickup.  This includes the urban areas along the route.  This change will mean that approximately 75% of our established properties will have access to curbside recycling pickup.
    • CARTS – will be implemented for these established properties and will be distributed hopefully before December 31st, 2020,
    • FLEXIBILITY – The Rural Municipality of Morris desires to become ‘greener’ and if there are any established properties in the rural area that would also like to recycle more we will still have larger style recycling bins in Sewell, Aubigny, Sperling and the Lowe Farm and Rosenort Landfill sites.

    More details will be advertised as we get closer to the roll out date of January 1, 2021

    Recycling Map

EVENTS ~see calendar~

  • Lowe Farm ‘ Drive Thru’ Fall Supper

  • Bridge/Road Closure

    MI has closed the bridge on Road 30N, between Rd 2W to Rd 3W by Pleasant Valley Church (west of Eidse Rd). They have deemed it unsafe and no anticipated date to reopen.

    We apologize for any inconvenience. 

  • Face Mask Required

    Please be advised that until further notice face masks are required if you wish to come into our office. As well please do our self-screening test, found by clicking here.

    MORE >

  • 2020 Property Taxes

    Reminder that the deadline to pay for your 2020 property taxes is coming up. All current 2020 property taxes are due on October 31st, 2020. Please note that at this time we are encouraging contact-less methods of payment.

    We are also trying to limit the number of people and the exposure time, IF you need to attend in person, spend at the Office, so if you are unable to determine a total amount owing, please call the office prior to attending and staff will help you.

    Below are our contact-less options:

    • Online banking (we do not deal with TD Bank), please be sure to select RM not Town of Morris
    • Sending cheque in the mail to Box 518, Morris, MB, R0G 1K0
    • Leaving payment in our drop-box, located at our front office doors

    MORE >

  • PUBLIC NOTICE: Local Improvement Plan No. 2020-01

    Watermain to Rosenort Industrial Park & New/Expansion of Water Reservoir Capacity

RM of Morris Maps